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Text Box: Sikiliza Redio TumainiChimbachimba is a Swahili word which may be defined as DIG something.  While that is a direct translation of the word, the meaning of chimbachimba as used by Radio Tumaini is to discuss an issue thoroughly.



Historical Background

The programme was introduced in July, 1999 with the aim of discussing various issues affecting our daily life.  Issues discussed may include economical, political, social, sports etc. dwelling on current affairs contradictions in society, development, environment, traditions, culture, youths, women, leaders behaviour, children, education, health etc.  Thus professionals, like economists and other listeners are invited in the studio to discuss issues like production and distribution of some specified goods or services.  The subjects for discussion change depending on the participants on the programme.


There are three categories of Chimbachimba programmes, which are conducted in almost the same way.  The Chimbachimba are quite popular among the listeners of Radio Tumaini.  The programmes constitute Chimbachimba music from Tanzania, Africa and other continents, including cultural dances of various tribes, and the Chimbachimba habari which includes various selected themes in economics, politics, social and religious issues both local and international.  The third category includes chimbachimba on traditions and customs of various tribes:- Tanzania, called Chimbachimba Utamaduni.


As may be noted, Chimbachimba calls for some kind of a research work, where information is gathered and aired live or recorded for future programmes.  It includes interviews, reading books and other forms of documentation, visiting groups or centres that provide the requisite information.  Sometimes, visitors like government officials or other pertinent groups are invited in our studios for recording their contributions.  At times our staff visit offices and attend various seminars and workshops organised by other institutions on important themes.



The objective of these programmes is not just to intertain our listeners but also to contribute in the expansion of the society's stock of knowledge and sharing of the responsibility of problem solving.


Need Statement

There are many issues in life that need to be understood by the society.  Indeed, they cover the whole spectrum of socio-economic and political issues which are not understood by every member of society.  Radio is good media through which knowledge and information may be transmitted to society and thereby contribute immensely to the enlightment of society on important issues.  Currently, there are important world agenda on issues like globalizetiion, environmental degradetion, world peace, health concerns like HIV/AIDS, privatisation, spiritual welfare and many other such issues which society needs to share a common understanding.  Radio Tumaini in her chimbachimba programmes wishes to provide that important vehicle for reaching out to society in transmitting kprogrammes on such important issues.


In order to succeed in that challenge, there will be need to improve and expand the chimbachimba programmes, so that they are made richer in their content and reach out to as many listeners as possible.


Chimbachimba Utamaduni is a programme similar to chimbachimba music.  Radio Tumaini started this programme for the purpose of promoting our traditional and cultural values.  In this programme, traditional dances and music are broadcast.  Normally traditional songs or dances accompany specific events in the respective communities.   Usually the songs contain specific messages to the community and may thus focus on encouraging, educating, correcting, directing and even intertaining members of the community.


In cognisance of the fact that traditional values and music is fast being replaced by western values and western music, Radio Tumaini took up the task of reminding society of the good traditional values and music.  Thus Chimbachimba Utamaduni is a programme dedicated to promoting traditional values and music as manifested in the sweet songs of various tribes of this country.


Chimbachimba Muziki wa Kwetu (Tanzania and Africa), and Chimbachimba muziki wa wenzetu programmes are two popular programmes which give historical background of musicians all over the world and the way they developed their talents.  Sometimes musicians are invited to explain or comment on some songs or concerts they do.  Also our staffs spend time visiting leaders of music bands in Tanzania for interviews.  The Internet also provides a lot of information on various international musicians.


Plan  of  Action and Resource Requirements

In order to run these popular chimbachimba programmes required imputs include telephones, travelling, consultation, office services, allowances and other costs.  As explained in the respective chimbachimba programmes, there will be need for improving and expanding the programmes in terms of content and coverage in order to extend our reach.


Programmes on Radio Tumaini are normally planned annually, except for special occasional programmes which may call for adjusting the programme planes as necessary.   The radio is on  air 24 hrs daily throughout the year, save for seldom technical problems.



Evaluation of Radio Tumaini programmes is an open exercise, involving all staff members and a cross-section of listeners.  Such evaluation involving outsiders is undertaken once annually.  This provides an opportunity for outsiders (listeners) to give opinions advice and suggestions on how best to run our programmes.  Nonetheless, besides this formal arrangement, throughout the y ear, the radio receives opinion and suggestion from listeners which are sited upon accordingly by our staff.  Internal evaluations are also undertaken weekly and monthly.  So that throughout the year, our programmes are subjected to evaluation of one form or the other.