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Text Box: Saidia na Sikiliza Redio Tumaini








This is a new programme to be introduced soon.  In view of the general concerns on environmental degradation, in particular the pollution of air, water and soil, we feel duty-bound to join the campaign for promoting the environment.


The 1993 World Book Dictionary defines environment as all the surrounding things, conditions and influences affecting the growth or development of living organisms.  It is the condition of the air, water, soil, plants and animal natural surroundings.  There may be many other definitions of the word environment, but that's how the dictionary mentioned above defines it and it is in that context we refer to it here.


Background of the Problem

God created the environment naturally beautiful, attractive and conducive to every living organism.  So that, the air is the home of many living things, visible and invisible, including  insects, birds, animals including man and the very attractive thick and green forests; the soil for some animals and insects, and water for all fish and other marine life.


All these three essential habitats for all living things have been damaged by only one inhabitant among millions, the human being.  Yet, man is the only creature endowed with the capabililty of differentiating between good and bad.  Invariably then, man is squarely responsible for most of the damage done to the once beautiful environment, ironically even harming his own existance in the process.


Environmental degradation, or specifically polution, has in many cases been caused by advancements in science and technology, through the increase of industries and urbanisation.  The specifics on the subject are better dealth with the respective experts.  However, for us and the common man, what we see and experience are the effects of pollution and other forms of environmental degradetion.


Objectives of the Programme

It is generally agreed that environmental degradetion poses a serious threat to human life and hence needs to be addressed with the greatest effort.  Thus it is imperative that society is adequately educated on th is potential threat to existance, in terms of the various manifestations, preventive and reclamation measures and all that needs to be known o n the subject.


Dealing with environmental degredetion is a very complicated matter, in that it is caused by the very activities that are beneficial to man in some way.  So that an appropriate balance in such activities has to worked out to sustain the environment while man undertakes beneficial activities as well.


The programme will thus require the services of environmentalists in the respective areas in educating the society accordingly.  Invariably then, this programme will involve the whole spectrum of society i.e. government, industrialists, rural and urban dwellers, agriculturists/farmers, factory workers etc.  Discussions involving both the polenters and the victims will be promoted with the moderation of the respective experts, for properly guided and informed discussions. 


We understand that there are great challenges in tackling this subject.  We therefore are taking time in making the necessary preparations in terms of organising imputs and mobilising the requite resources.


Plan of Action for Environmental Programme

Radio Tumaini in a close colaboration with Video Tumain has planned to start airing an environmental programme.  In order to succeed in our mission of environmental conservation, we plan to pay a special attention on the following aspects:-

*   Data gathering from both urban and rural areas;

*   Visiting factories and industries which cause air and water pollution in respect of finding out the destruction of our environments;

*   Collecting data from farmers and pastrolists in order to see the destruction of the forests caused by the large amount of cattles;

*   Conducting interviews with car owners, drivers and users of other machines which cause pollution;

*   Visiting and conducting interviews with people who make charcol;

*   Educating people on how the above activities can be run without causing harm to our envirionment (apply Professionals);

*   Invite discussion on how agriculture causes soil erosion and how it removes soil nutrients if not used properly as adviced by professionals



As is the case with many other programmes, the constraint in seing our plans through, is financial resources.  Radio Tumaini will therefore require assistance in this respect.