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Text Box: Sikiliza Redio Tumaini









Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being.  It involves more than just absence of disease.  According to research done by Radio Tumaini, it has been established that most people dying of epidemic diseases come from families that lack health education.  We therefore plan extend our health education programmes using professional medical personnel in the respective subject areas.   Currently, one run the following sub-programmes:


Sub-programmes on health

*   Afya yako leo

Afya yako leo lasts three to four minutes only.  It flushes out short and precise messages to our listeners on a variety of health issues, with the objective of:-

*   Reminding, informing, educating or sensitizing society on issues that are on the agenda in the country and the world at large.

*   Importing basic knowledge on how to achieve and maintain good health.

*   Discussing dietary issues for society to appreciate the importance of supplying the body with balanced diet.

*   Discussing the importance of body exercises in keeping the body healthy and fit.

*   Discussisng psychological issues in order to assist society to avoid emotional development and its management.

*   And many other things that have a bearing on human body and mental health.


Of course, these programmes do not offer solutions to all health problems.  They simply assist people with knowledge required in maintaining good health.


*   Ulimwengu na Matukio  ya Afya

This programme focuses on the international scane by highlingting what is happening or happened in various other parts of the world with respect to some specific health subject.  This programme was thus introduced in order to share the experiences of other nations on similar health issues and subsequently learn from them in deeling with our situation.


*   Chimbachimba Afya

This is a one hour programme in which professional medical doctors discuss a particular disease, or health problem.  The doctors discuss such issues in simple language in order to ensure that the subject matter is understood by common people.  Such kind of discussion assist our listeners in understanding the background of some diseases, in terms of causes, transmission mechanisms, preventive measures and cure if available.  With such knowledge, society is enlightened appropriately in dealing with disease and the afflicted community at large.


While so far the programmes have been very successful, we plan to extend them in terms or expanding the discussion to include the common people's perspective as well, i.e. the victims of disease.  This could entail visiting the sick in the hospitals and homes or if the situation permits, invite them in our studies.  All this requires additional resources.



We believe there is a room for improving this programme in order to achieve the objective outlined above; and hence the need for seeking assistance for sponsorship that would enable us rationalize and expand the programme to reach out to more people.  We believe that, with the requisite assistance from you and other institutions and individuals, we will be able to improve our programmes hence enhance our contribution to a healthier society.


General Objectives of the Health Programmes:-


*   To create community awareness in health issues;

*   To disseminate promote community health education and update health information obtained from pubished health research and other pertinent sources;

*   To disseminate information to the community on infectious diseases and epidemics of diseases such as cholera, Ebola, Plague etc.;

*   To reach out to the community on the actions to be taken to maintain and improve their general health.