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Radio Ya Ujirani













Radio Tumaini, a non-profit institution, is the first of the private radio stations in Tanzania which started broadcasting in 1994.  It is registered under the Regulations of the Broadcasting Services Act of 1993. Radio Tumaini is located at St. Joseph's Cathedral, along Sokoine Drive in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. 


Radio Tumaini has 25 employees and is serving people in five regions namely, Tanga, Morogoro, Dar es Salaam, Pwani and Zanzibar plus certain parts of Iringa and Mbeya.  There are plans to go beyond that and possibly cover the whole of Tanzania, resources permitting.  Radio station has professional journalists, Radio Technicians and Admistrators, all employed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; the legal owner of the Radio.


We have quite a good number of programmes and we are 24 hours on air everyday.  Since the demand for our service is rising, and yet our financial resources are limited, we wish to stretch out hands to all our friends for financial support that will facilitate Radio Tumaini stay in the air, as well as meet the challenges of technological advancement in broadcasting.


We strongly believe that, with your assistance, Radio Tumaini will continue the noble course of educating and sensitizing the masses of Tanzania into better lives, through the variety of our programmes.


Through this letter then, we wish to formally request you for financial support to Radio Tumaini for the cost of preparing the Programmes.


Please find an attached outline for some of the programmes broadcast by Radio Tumaini.


We wish, to thank you in advance for consideration of our request.



Esther Chilambo


Tel. (OFFICE)  /  0 22  211 73 07

Tel.  ( VIPINDI )   / 022   211 72 15  -  6

FAX  /  022  211 25 94

E-mail /





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