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The "Jaliza" programme, a swahili word, that can be translated as "add to" what you already have.  It constitutes a compilation of current news from around the world, mostly from news agencies and local news, media gathered by our journalists.



This is a greetings programme which is broadcast "Live" from Monday to Saturday.  The greetings are given in two ways:-

*   Greetings cards; and

*   By telephone call-ins.



It is a sports and games programme aimed at stimulating young players' talents and motivate others to join, as part of entertainment.  It also gives an opportunity to the public to keep in pace with what happens in the sports world in important tournaments, such as World Cups, Olympics, African Cup of Nations, Euro Cup etc.   While this is for entertainment, the programme is also important in promoting our Tanzanian sports activities.  Footbal turns out to be the most popular, so that a lot of people always tune-in to programmes on football.  Nonetheless, other sports are also broadcast on this half-hour weekly sports programme.  In response to increasing popularity of the programme, we are planning to extend it to a daily programme.