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Text Box: Saidia na Sikiliza Redio Tumaini













These two programmes are aired in the morning from 6.20 - 9.00 a.m.  They are among the most popular programmes of Radio Tumaini.    Kahawa au Chai siku Njema programme is a magazine programme, with a variety of items including Africa News.  It includes also memorial events that happened on the same date years ago.  Our listeners are very much interested in this programme and we intend to improve it.  In Kahawa au Chai, people listen to African News, and memorial events of the date (day), sports news, brief health news, a selected thematic issues of the day and weather information. 


Together with Kahawa au Chai, Hapa na Pale follows just after the latter programme.  Hapa na pale is aired everyday from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.   In this programme, people get the opportunity to listen to world news, local news, feature stories, cartoons and sports from various newspapers.  This programme helps those who cannot afford to buy daily newspapers.  Thus, the programme aims at enabling our listeners to keep abreast with what is happening in our country and the world at large.


Need Statement

These two programmes need to be expanded to extend our news coverage as well as doing more research on important historical events that merit.



The objectives of the two programmes are to inform our listeners particularly those who,  for on reason or another do not get daily newspapers, local and international, have us access to journals or simply have access to the international media and other pertinent sources of important information.


Strategies/Action Plan

News and information's normally collected from various sources, including government and other news media, internet, magazines attending seminars, meetings, and workshops etc.  Sometimes we invite some people for timeinterviews in our studios.



These programmes have proven to be very informative and educative to our listeners.  We wish to improve and expand them.  However, we are constrained with the requisite financial resources.  In view of that, we are stretching our hands to our friends for assistance that will enable us achieve that objective.


Duration Programmes on Radio Tumaini

Programmes on Radio Tumain normally planned annually, except for special occassional programmes which may call for adjusting the programme plans as necessary.  The radio is on air 24 hours daily throughout the year, save for seldom technical problems.



Evaluation of Radio Tumaini Radio programmes is an often exercise, involving all staff members and a cross-section of listener.  Such evaluation involving outsiders is undertaken once annually.  This provides an opportunity for outsiders to give opinions, advice and suggestions on our programmes.  Nonetheless, throughout the year, the radio receives opinions/suggestion from listeners which are acted upon accordingly by our staff.  Internal evaluations are also undertaken weekly and monthly.  So that throughout the year, our programmes are subjected to evaluation of one form or the other.