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Video Tumaini was established in 1993 with the objective of producing quality and creative videos that would complement our audio programmes in Radio Tumaini.  Experience has shown that, the listener concentrates more when he or she sees the object of the discussion and/or the discussants themselves.  Thus, in these video programmes, discussions are made on camera for viewing by audiences on our local TV stations that run our programmes.  Participants to the programmes come from different backgrounds, irrespective of their religious ethnicity, culture, education etc.  The programmes have helped forge cohesive harmony among our viewers.




Since its commencement Video Tuamini has produced a variety of videos including dramas, documentaries, interviews, children's programmes etc.  These productions have covered a wide spectrum of social, economic, religious and civic issues, including HIV/AIDS awareness and democratic processes.


From 1996 todate Video Tumaini has been using the services of a local Television Station (CTN) which transmits a one hour programme weekly to our audience in Dar es Salaam.  We thus produce the programmes ourselves that are used by CTN.  Occasionally we also work with other television stations to air live programmes, especially those covering events in our churches.  The response from viewers of our video and television programmes has been very positive, and indeed motivating in sustaining the programmes and expanding them beyond the one-hour weekly transmissions, so that we are able to cover more events.  However, all such plans call for financial resources, which being a non-profit institution, are limited.  We shall therefore need assistance of some sort in this case as well.


Work Plan

The experience gained over the past five years, Video Tumaini has been in existence, has shown that, our programmes would be even better and more effective if we had our own TV station, which would ensure unlimited access to our viewers.  We therefore intend to explore such a possibility while working on extending the hours of weekly transmissions.



The obvious limitation to establishing our own TV station as well expanding our programmes, is financial constraints.  We will need to mobilize the requisite resources for such plans to succeed.

Currently we have the following equipments:


-        BETA CAM VCR’S (SONY)                      2

-        SVHS VCR’S (PANASONIC)           4

-        SVHS CAMERAS (PANASONIC)              4

-        TV MONITORS (PANASONIC)                 6


Some of these items are in good condition but others are not, like the cameras need to be replaced.  Nonetheless, such equipment could provide an initial stock of equipment required in implementing the plan.  Additional equipment that would be required, given the availability of financial resources, would include the following items:


Future Plans

In order to make this successful, we cordially ask for your assistance mainly in the following items:

-        Transmitter

-        TV OB Van

-        Power Supply System i.e. - Battery belts for Cameras and lights

-        Satellite Antenna

-        Digital video cameras

-        Non-linear editing system.

-        Studio Cameras - 4

-        Professional tripods for both Digital and Studio Cameras

-        Dollies  - 4

-        Lighting system

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