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Text Box: Sikiliza Redio Tumaini










Women do not only constitute a higher proportion of the total population in the country, but also contribute a high percentage in the National Income.  To cherish women's contribution, Radio Tumaini has a programme on women affairs.  The programme aims at highlighting  achievements, setbacks and tips towards women development.  It deals mainly with social, economic, education and health issues partaining to women. 


According to literature published by the Commonwealth Secretariat in 1989, women account for half the world's population, perform two thirds of the hours worked (though are recorded as working only one third of those hours) receive only one tenth of the world's income and have one hundredth of the world's property registered in their name.


In the National Employment Policy of Tanzania, it is recorded that, 53.8% of people who engage in agriculture in the agriculture sector,  are women.  On the other hand, women constitute 54% of all the labour force in Tanzania mainland.  This shows how critical women are to the development of our nation.


Situational Analysis of Women in Tanzania

Just as is the case in many other parts of the world, men,  and women in Tanzania appear to live in different worlds, in terms of the ways in which they experience the same situations.  Thus for example, women's interpretation and experience of the same work differ significantly from men's.  indeed, the dworlds of men and women are different in many respects, including work and employment opportunities, wealth, health, education, influence in the family and society etc.


As is the case in many developing countries, discrimination still exists in Tanzania, although not formally institutionalised.  In some societies women's work is not given as much importance or value as the work of men.   Unintentional discrimination also prevails and is manifested in unintended acts, behaviour, language etc. that are often offensive to women, yet society has generally tended to accept them.


Although women have been participants and beneficiaries in some development projects, their situation has not improved significantly and their position in society largely remains unchanged.  Notwithstanding the presence of some women organisations and groups, only few women, usually the relatively more educated, have benefitted from such organisations.  To some large extent, traditions and customs of some societies in Tanzania have contributed immensely to the marginalisation of women.  So that in such situations women accept their position and suffer silently, in that, that is how it is meant to be!  Such women certainly need assistance and they have to be shown the light of contemporary life in which their position is better.


Need Statement

We believe that media messages are commonly discussed by individuals in the course of reception and subsequently, they are transformed through an ongoing process of telling and retelling, interpretation and reinterpretation, commentary, laughter, criticism and by maintaining messages and routinely incorporating them into their lives.    In cognisance of that fact Radio Tumaini wishes to promote women programmes that will focus on improving a woman's position in the Tanzanian Society.  As is the case with all good things in this world, they require resources.  So that Radio Tumaini will certainly require support in this endeavour.


Objectives and Goals of Radio Tumain Women Affairs Programme

The programme is prepared to suit women of all walks of life; illiterates, literates, poor, rich, rural, urban dwellers, young, old, professionals, non-professionals, normal citizens, leaders and so on. The main objective is to educate every woman to understand the potential for her advancement, not only as a house-wife and mother but also in the professional field.  Specific problems afflicting women are also addressed, such as eradication of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) etc.  This programme, therefore, includes advice and suggestions on remedies or improvements on social, economic, political, education, health and other such women matters.


Specifically, the objectives and goals of Radio Tumaini women Affairs programmes may be presented as follows:-

*   To create gender awareness to all good wishers of our nation, to keep in mind when planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects, that women have different needs from men, women have special needs, women are disadvantaged as a group, and ultimately women's development requires equality with men.

*   To Conduct programmes 'live' through monitored telephones that will give women an opportunity to express their feelings, aspirations and their commitment to self-advancement and the society at large.

*   To Consult with social workers and other professionals in women affairs in conducting live programmes in our studios.

*   To provide guidance on welfare rights, advice and support, counselling, general advice and support on issues such as employment, education, training, housing and so on.

*   To sensitize women in understanding their potential for self-advancement not only in the private sector (as domestic managers) but also in the public sector, as professionals who can take public sector careers.

*   To sensitize the society on specific problems afflicting women, such as eradication of female-genital mutilation (FGM) and women discrimination in general.

*   To unite women voices for a change and development of our nation.


Plan of Action

Radio Tumaini, in colaboration with Video-Tumaini, currently has a programme on Women affairs which will need to be improved and expanded.  That then will entail the following:-

*   Collection of data and information will be enhanced by expanding our reach and content of the sprogrammes.  Thus our staff will have to visit pertinent places that are as representative as possible of the Tanzanian women.  Invitations will also be extended to some women, individually or in groups for live programmes in our studio.

*   Radio Tumaini will undertake councelling Seminars and workshops specifically focusing on women affairs.  This may call for the use of professionals in the respective pertinent fields.

*   To ensure that we are able to reach even those who cannot  tune-in to our radio broadcasts, we plan to make video and audio programmes on tape.  Thus, documentaries will feacture in this respect.  Currently we prepare the programme "Amani Kwenu" which is transmitted through "CTN" at 5.30 p.m. on every Sunday.



Despite the fact that we have good plans, our Radio Station being a non profit institution, is highly that is constrained with the requisite financial resources necessary for smooth of our programmes.  Necessary inputs like transport, renting halls for meetings, seminars, cunsultation fees, salaries, maintenance costs for equipments, office services (stationaries, photocopy, typing, printing etc.) do not have sufficient funding, to the extent compromising the quality of some of our programmes..


Radio Tumaini therefore wishes to stretch her hands for assistance that will enable us not just sustain the programmes, but also improve and expand them accordingly.




Programmes on Radio Tumain normally planned annually, except for special occassional programmes which may call for adjusting the programme plans as necessary.  The radio is on air 24 hours daily throughout the year, save for seldom technical problems.



Evaluation of Radio Tumaini Radio programmes is an often exercise, involving all staff members and a cross-section of listener.  Such evaluation involving outsiders is undertaken once annually.  This provides an opportunity for outsiders to give opinions, advice and suggestions on our programmes.  Nonetheless, throughout the year, the radio receives opinions/suggestion from listeners which are acted upon accordingly by our staff.  Internal evaluations are also undertaken weekly and monthly.  So that throughout the year, our programmes are subjected to evaluation of one form or the other.